Supporting Lawyers’ Mental Health

Research suggests that 1 in 6 employees at any one time will experience mental health issues in the UK. These account for 30-40% of absences from work and as much as 50% of all long-term sick leave cases. The legal profession is not exempt. In fact lawyers' mental health is more vulnerable. Lawyers fall [...]

Supporting Lawyers’ Mental Health2021-08-09T21:06:51+01:00

Reducing Mental Health Stigma

  Having worked in the field of mental health for over 20 years, I sometimes forget the stigma that still exists around this area.  I was at a social event recently and was seated next to a man I had not met before; a successful businessman.  I was telling him about my work around [...]

Reducing Mental Health Stigma2021-08-09T21:07:11+01:00