Supporting good mental health improves outcomes for individuals and creates better performing organisations.


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“100% of the participants rated the workplace stress management training as ‘Very Useful'”
Confidential client source, Global IT Sector
“84% of COVID-19 webinar participants reported feeling much better equipped to manage their emotional wellbeing”
Confidential client source, Technology Sector

“Sarah provided coaching/mentoring for a senior job interview. I sought Sarah out, due to her experience of working at a senior level within the NHS, plus her ability to listen non-judgementally. It was so helpful to have a safe space to think together with Sarah about what to focus on in my interview preparations, plus identify areas for my professional development.”

“You have completely changed my life!”

“One meets a handful of special, professional and committed people in one’s life who leave huge, long lasting and profoundly positive and beneficial effect on one, and Sarah Swan is one of those people.”

“We used the Schema Focused Therapy Model, which was a complete revelation to me in “going back” to clearly recognise the core modes in childhood and their echoing effect down through the years and decades and then the EMDR Therapy process.”

“I came to Sarah, of my own accord, with a long background of intermittent depression, mood and behavioural swings, low-self esteem and a history of making unsound and impulsive personal and professional decisions which, up until then had blighted my, and other’s lives quite substantially.”

“I came across Sarah’s details via an online search back in April 2017 and commenced what turned out to be a wonderful set of consultations in May which ran, on and off, until last year (2019).”

“The coaching really helped me get a better sense of the various aspects of my portfolio, my investment in them, what they mean to me and where there are imbalances. In particular, it helped me identify the stuck points and what is holding me back from moving forward. ”