Mental health champions to create a supportive workplace culture

Creating a Culture that is supportive of mental health: developing mental health champions Why is it important to create a culture that is supportive of mental health? One in four people will experience mental health problems in their lifetime and research suggests one in every six people in the workplace is experiencing such difficulties. [...]

New online therapy service

Online therapy service now available Dr Sarah Swan is pleased to welcome clients to her online therapy service. Please watch her video to learn about the service and what she can offer.  Online therapy will be provided via a secure online video conferencing facility.  Dr Swan looks forward to providing psychological therapy for people from [...]

Emotional wellbeing and post-natal depression during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Why do we not talk about difficult feelings like post-natal depression during pregnancy and childbirth? We are bombarded with images of content babies and happy parents, of celebrities bouncing back to normal weight, shape, mood and work, weeks after giving birth.  But the reality is that pregnancy, childbirth and the post-natal period, leads to [...]

Do you think you don’t have time for one-to-ones with your staff?

Increased demand, pressure on time and remote working, all have an impact on being able to meet regularly for one-to-ones with employees.  But what’s the impact of this?  Can’t you just rely on being friendly and having an open door policy?  I would argue not. Getting to know your staff One-to-ones are crucial in [...]